Meditation is the root of our spiritual lifestlye. It is the source of our joy, our inspiration, our happiness and our dynamism. Everything comes from within. If you feel peaceful within then it reflects in all your outer activities. In our spiritual lives we try to bring forward (manifest) these qualities in our daily lives, in our activities and our work.

Through meditation we can transform our lives from being dull and purposeless to lives of happiness, joy and fulfilment. Through mediation we become aware who we really are - not who we would like to think we are or how we would like others to think we are, but who we actually really are. This is not negative in the least. Our true nature is the divinity that we have inside of ourselves which is beautiful beyond belief. Meditation is the key to discover this divinity and to unlock the unlimited potential that we have within us.

All the Sri Chinmoy Centres offer free meditation classes for the general public.

In this section you will find passages taken from Sri Chinmoy's writings on the following subjects:

Online Meditation Guide - Introduction to the basics of meditation.

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