The Sri Chinmoy Centre firmly bases itself upon the practice of a living spirituality, where the peace, love, joy and light contained within the spiritual heart is, through regular meditation and prayer, applied to our everyday lives.

The Sri Chinmoy Centre is a spiritual home, where in a loving and uplifting atmosphere you can cultivate your own spiritual practice and gradually discover, or become aware of, your own true self: the soul. It has often been described as being a member of a large international family - one that supports, encourages and helps sustain your spiritual development.

Many people have found that belonging to the Sri Chinmoy Centre has changed their lives for the better, often in a profound and dramatic way. Everything comes from within. If you feel peace, love and joy within then that will be reflected in your outer actions and activities.

As well as meditation, the Sri Chinmoy Centre offers many opportunities for spiritual development in outer activities, whether through music and singing, running and other sports as well as many opportunities for selfless service.

Please feel free to browse through the various sections to find out more about life in the Sri Chinmoy Centre. The profiles section in particular is recommended as it gives a personal story of what the Sri Chinmoy Centre means to many of its members.

In the words of Sri Chinmoy:

Our philosophy does not negate either the outer life or the inner life. Most human beings negate the inner life. They feel that the inner life is not important as long as they can exist on earth. Again, there are a few who think that the outer life is not necessary. They feel that the best thing is to enter into the Himalayan caves and lead a life of solitude, since the outer life is so painful and full of misunderstanding.

We do not believe in living either a life of solitude or an ordinary human life - the so-called modern life that depends on machines and not on the inner reality, the soul. We try to synthesize and harmonise the outer life and the inner life. The outer life is like a beautiful flower and the inner life is its fragrance. If there is no fragrance, then we cannot appreciate the flower. Again, if there is no flower, how can there be any fragrance? So the inner life and the outer life must go together.