Joy Days

"We are all seekers, and our goal is the same: to achieve inner peace, light, and joy, to become inseperably one with our Source, and to lead lives full of true satisfaction." Sri Chinmoy


In the UK all the Sri Chinmoy Centres meet together once a month for a weekend of spiritual activities. Four times a year we also meet up with the French and Irish Sri Chinmoy Centres. These weekends act as a real boost to your spiritual life. It gives you a chance to focus soley on your inner life without any other outer distractions. Sri Chinmoy calls these weekends "joy days".

When students of Sri Chinmoy get together they generate joy - it cannot be helped, somehow you feel connected to part of a larger family and that makes you happy!

The weekend's activities will include meditation, performances of spiritual music, plays and amusing sketches, a 2-mile race and entertaining games. It is a real mix of the deeply spiritual and the outwardly entertaining.

While many people may not see the importance of entertainment in the spiritual life, Sri Chinmoy is a firm advocate. He feels that innocent entertainment can really alleviate any mental tension, pressure, worries or anxieties that an individual may be experiencing. It is very difficult to progress in your spiritual life if you are feeling sad or over-burdoned with responsibilities. In short, when you are happy you are making progress and when you make progress you are happy!


Pictures of Joy Days - Sri Chinmoy Centre Gallery Joy Day in Wales - Gower Perninsula 2004 Joy Day in France - St. Malo, Brittany, 2005