Des works at the Run and Become store in London, but is not a member of the Sri Chinmoy Centre.

London. Everybody gets stressed here: the tube; the weather, peoples' aggression. And then one day, two years ago, I stepped into Run and Become, finding there an oasis of calm and peace. I found very nice people working there, always willing to help and with such good hearts. I found that the customers were - nearly always - also very good people, friendly and grateful for the job we were doing. I found a new way of life. I learnt that healthy food and regular exercise really makes you feel more confident, better with yourself. Something most of us know but don't pay any attention to.

And even if sometimes I end up exhausted from working all day (just come to the shop on a Saturday and you'll see!) at the end, I always feel lucky to have found an oasis in the middle of London.

Des Run and Become, London