Meet some of the members in the UK Sri Chinmoy Centres.

Video profiles

Garga talks about what drew him to Sri Chinmoy's Path.
Adarsha from Glasgow talks about his experiences of singing.
Penny talks about meditation and how it has impacted her life.
Tejvan talks about his cycling experiences.

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 pavitrata Sumangali Morhall
"After I seemed to have exhausted my outer search, I finally realised it was time to look within! I was sure meditation would help me discover some truth at last, and that’s when I found a meditation course offered by the Sri Chinmoy Centre. Here were people who seemed ready to accept themselves and the world in a light, unencumbered way... (continue reading)"
 devashishu Devashishu Torpy
Devashishu has been a student of Sri Chinmoy's since he was nine years old. For many years, he has been giving meditation classes in London and countries around the world. ... (continue reading)
 Ed Silverton Vilas Silverton
Focusing on the spiritual heart also encourages a childlike simplicity that I feel shaping my life and work. This could explain my preference for bright colours, simple shapes and cheerful, happy things... (continue reading)"
 Bhashini Bhashini
...Throughout this experience, my mind was telling me that what I was seeing was impossible, but in my heart I was feeling so much joy. Here was oneness. Here was connectedness. Here was what I’d been looking for, for such a long time...(continue reading)"
 roger_img.jpg Garga Chamberlain
"When I first started to explore the world of meditation, I did not suspect for a moment that I would find myself plunging into myriad activities such as learning to sing, playing musical instruments, writing poetry, running marathons...(continue reading)"
 Ed Silverton Manatita
Manatita Hutchinson is a member of the London Sri Chinmoy Centre. He has been meditating as a student of Sri Chinmoy for over 30 years. He works as a nurse in central London and has published a book about his spiritual life.... (continue reading)"
 sushumna2 Sushumna
Sri Chinmoy's path is a path of the spiritual heart. The very earliest teaching is to first think of the heart and where it is. We are told that the spiritual heart is behind the physical heart and it is here that the soul lives during our life on earth... (continue reading)"
 Tejvan Tejvan
I found the meditation very beneficial and felt those giving the class were very sincere. I like meditating on the photo of Sri Chinmoy and felt a great affinity to his writings...(continue reading)"
 nurari merry Nurari Merry
My work in the cafe Service-Heart-Joy offers opportunities for self-transcendence, particularly in patience, tolerance, determination, cheerfulness and oneness. There are many, many opportunities for Sri Chinmoy to continue my ego transformation!..(continue reading)"

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Hemeabha, originally from Korea, talks about joining the path in London.
Kokila talks about being on Sri Chinmoy's Path and a typical function.'s Path.