Like all outer activities, work can be transformed through meditation and used to enhance our spiritual growth. In the following passages Sri Chinmoy explains the role of work in the spiritual life:

There are some spiritual Masters who allow their disciples to live vagabond lives. Our path is not like that. I ask my disciples to either work or study. If you work, if you earn a decent, modest living and if you lead a normal life, I will be very happy. It is absolutely necessary to lead a normal life.

You have to feel that work, if you do it devotedly, is the prayer of the body. The body's prayer is necessary, absolutely necessary, to please God. As the heart prays, so also must the mind, the vital and the body pray. When we say that the body has to pray, we have to know that this prayer is done through selfless-service.

There is no such thing
As insignificant work.
Therefore, we must needs do everything
With our heart's love
And our life's respect.

- Sri Chinmoy.

"Blessed is he who has found his work; let him ask no other blessedness" - Carlyle

A spiritual person has found his work. His work is selfless-service. His work is dedicated action. Indeed, he has no need of any other blessedness. His action is the divine acceptance of earthly existence. And for this he needs a perfect body, a strong mind, a soulful heart and a supremely inspired life of inner receptivity and outer capacity.

We are supposed to work only
And not judge the value
Of our work.

Every morning I must realise
That I have the golden opportunity
Of an unused day before me
To use in a divine way.