My Life with Sri Chinmoy: a book

tejvan-26.jpgThis is an account of why I became a disciple of my Guru, Sri Chinmoy, and also some of my experiences from following a spiritual life.

It is very much a personal perspective and only a partial insight into the teachings and life of Sri Chinmoy. But hopefully some of the themes expressed in this book will sound familiar to those treading their own spiritual path.

Book Contents

  1. Becoming a disciple of Sri Chinmoy
  2. Self –Transcendence
  3. Self-Transcendence in Weightlifting
  4. Functions with Guru
  5. At the Birth of a New Song
  6. Life of Sri Chinmoy
  7. Meditation Classes
  8. Oslo Peace Week
  9. Selfless Service
  10. The Guru-Disciple Relationship
  11. Life after Guru's Mahasamadhi
  12. Transforming Human Nature
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