My Rama is My All

Performed at The Tabbard Theatre in Turnham Green, London, May 2000.

This powerful play follows the course of Sri Ramachandra's life; from the time he is exiled from the kingdom he was to inherit by his jealous step mother; through his fourteen years of exile in the forest; and his subsequent return to Ayodhya to finally become king.

We see Rama's devoted obedience to his father and step mother; his happy acceptance of exile with his brother Lakshmana and wife Sita. The abduction of Sita by the king of the Rakshashas', Ravana, that leads to Rama conquering and destroying the demon race with the aid of the immortal monkey king, Hanuman.

The play also portrays the test that Sita endures, to prove her purity after her release from Ravana. Sri Chinmoy brings a unique perspective to this ancient Indian epic.

Pictures from My Rama is my All

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