Sri Chinmoy Centre Activities

Our activities express the range and depth of the Sri Chinmoy Centres. From public meditation classes and musical performances to athletic events and multiday road races, the activities of the Sri Chinmoy Centre are, like Sri Chinmoy himself, truly prolific.

At heart is a single aim – the fostering of inner peace and the encouragement of outer harmony. It is Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy that world-perfection can only be brought about by a harmonious humanity, a world where inner peace becomes the common currency of each and every individual.

Meditation classes, concerts of spiritual music and art exhibits are all offered without charge, in the conviction that spirituality is a universal birthright that should never be bought or sold.

Running Races and athletic events not only encourage us to keep the body fit but also to transcend our limited perceptions of what we are capable of and expand our horizons further and further.

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