The Singer of the Eternal Beyond

Performed at Barons Court Theatre and The Questors in London, Bristol, Ottawa, Toronto, Graz, Vienna and New York.

This was the first play performed in a theatre by Immortality's Flame Waves. It follows the story of the Mahabharata, another ancient Indian epic, and portrays the relationship between Krishna, the fully enlightened being, and Arjuna, his disciple. Krishna convinces Arjuna to fight against the Kaurava's, his own cousins, to liberate the kingdom from their rule and save Dharma. We hear Krishna's illuminating conversations with Arjuna as he explains the inevitability of the Kaurava's defeat, and the divine purpose behind the war. He tells Arjuna that although the body dies, the soul, man's true essence, is indestructible and immortal.

Pictures from The Singer of the Eternal Beyond

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