Free Art Exhibitions in UK

London Gallery The Sri Chinmoy Centres in the UK like to display exhibitions of Sri Chinmoy's artwork in galleries and exhibition spaces around the country. In his paintings Sri Chinmoy lets his art flow from his meditative experiences, expressing sentiments of harmony, oneness and childlike joy. He has said, "My art is my prayerful and soulful offering to help raise the consciousness of humanity". For this reason, as for many other events organised by the Sri Chinmoy Centre, the art exhibitions are free of charge. We will advertise any upcoming Jharna Kala exhibition on the UK homepage. Links: Jharna Kala gallery Sri Chinmoy's art "The supreme Art is to know the Supreme Artist intimately, within and without. This knowledge, well-established, cannot but guide all our movements on artistic lines. And this knowledge will be the basis of a perfectly beautiful life within and without. Art in the most effective sense of the term is a sublime truth that draws our soul from within towards the Infinite Vast." Sri Chinmoy