What we have done in 2006

May 2006

Sent our second container to the remote country of Guinea Bissau, West Africa. Guinea Bissau is one of the poorest countries in the world and our focus this time was on medical supplies and equipment. Even the main hospital in Guinea Bissau is seriously lacking in basic medical resources. We sent 4 hospital beds, a theatre transfer trolley, a suction pump, 93 boxes of medical supplies and medical uniforms, 40 crutches, 8 computers, 13 bicycles and thousands of pencils. More pictures of aid to Guinea Bissau

June 2006

Container of 125 bicycles, 60,000 pencils, 600 pens sent to needy children in South Africa. All the bicycles were collected at our Divine Enterprises from members of the public who wanted to offer them. In rural Africa a bicycle can change a child's life! A bicycle can help a child cover the (often very long) distance to get to the nearst school. We also sent 60,000 pencils and 6,000 pens for school children. More pictures of aid to South Africa

July 2006

Container sent to homeless children living in the squatter communities near Cape Town. Around 1 million people live in this area in makeshift housing. Our shipment included many boxes of toys, bicycles, tricycles, pens, pencils, notebooks. We also included over 500 dolls that had been sent to us from our worldwide Doll Project. These dolls had been hand-made in France, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine and Mongolia! See photos of dolls from our project. We also sent milk powder, soya milk and kitchen utensils sent to us from our Czech branch of Oneness-Heart-Tears and Smiles. More pictures of aid to South Africa