Run & Become get together

For the first time ever, all the staff in all 3 Run & Become shops get together for a weekend of fun!

Last weekend was a historic one for Run and Become, Become and Run. For the first time in its almost 23 years, the staff from all three shops met up for a fun-filled Sunday in the Mendips. A total of 28 people work for our running shops and although we all know each other by phone conversations ('Hello, have you got a Nimbus women’s size 8 in stock?', 'Hold on I'll just check' being a typical one) some had never been able to put a face to a name. We decided this needed remedying! So on Saturday night we made our separate ways down to a hotel, just the right size for all of us to fit, right at the foot of the Mendips in the village of Churchill. The hotel was suitably called 'Winston'.

I knew that it was going to be a great weekend as the start of it seemed to go all wrong! I always find that if unexpected problems make it difficult for you to get somewhere or start something, then invariably that very thing turns out to be really worthwhile, assuming you get over the initial obstacle. This time it was all train woes. Stef from our Cardiff branch found a 1 hour train journey turned into a 4 hour train sitting still and bus journey. Whilst our London staff almost missed their train, due to the departure time being brought forward by 30 minutes to allow for engineering works. Funny how the train information number failed to warn us about that, despite being called a couple of days earlier! However, by the end of the evening everyone had arrived safe and sound.

At 7.30 the next morning we all piled out for a 2 mile race. To inject a bit of fun we made it a handicap race, which didn't entirely work but no-one was complaining as they were thrilled with their fast times. There was a mention of the course being short but most of us decided to ignore that possibility and feel heartily satisfied with our efforts.

A hearty breakfast was followed by birthday cakes and songs for Dipika and Shinja, and then we spent a while going over the song Sri Chinmoy wrote on Run and Become's 20th anniversary. I run, I run, I run To see My Lord's Blue Gold Vision Face. He sprints, He sprints, He sprints He makes me become His Oneness Fullness Embrace. Followed by the original Run and Become, Become and Run song: Run and Become, Become and Run. Run to succeed in the Outer World. Become to proceed in the Inner World. All great fun and inspiring.

Next came a beautiful walk through the Cheddar Gorge. The village of Cheddar was packed with Bank Holiday weekenders, but we managed to find parking spaces and after a little false start found the trail to lead us up the Gorge. It is hard to describe the view from the top, all I can say is it lives up to the photos and even makes you forgive the second muddy steep climb to walk along the other side of the Gorge. Once we made our way down Jacob’s Ladder, there was only one thing on our minds: Cream Tea! And it was a good one. Of course, after the tea we had to sample the local cheddar cheese, so the day ended with full stomachs and a lot of laughter. As everyone prepared to move off to their respective homes, we all felt that this had been not only a fun weekend with friends, but also an opportunity to inspire each other and feel the lovely bond that holds us all together: Sri Chinmoy's inspiration in the form of Run and Become.

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