Jharna Kala exhibition — Sri Chinmoy Centre

An exhibition of Sri Chinmoy's Jharna Kala artwork at the Nehru Centre in London

Gallery Concert Exhibition
2006-09-26 11:00 AM to 2006-09-29 07:00 PM
Nehru Centre, 8 Audley Street, London, W1K 1HF
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Sahana Gero
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Sri Chinmoy refers to his artwork as Jharna-Kala, which reflects the spontaneous fountain of creativity he experiences and expresses through a wide array of media and forms. The frequent appearance of the bird, in his art, would seem to signify the subtle yet ever-present existence of consciousness and aspiration. He expresses sentiments of harmony, oneness and childlike joy in his art, which abounds in the creative force. - View `Art of Sri Chinmoy `__ Scroll down page for information at Nehru Centre

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