Sri Chinmoy Rose

Sri Chinmoy Rose, inaugurated in 2004. A beautiful golden yellow with tinges of pink on the fringes of the petals.


With Sri Chinmoy's permission, a new strain of rose has been named after him.  Fittingly, the Sri Chinmoy rose has a beautiful golden flower. 

Sri Chinmoy described this as a Scottish Blossom Fragrance.


The first bush was planted at the Hidden Gardens in Glasgow, at a Joy Day in June 2004.  The intention is to plant 40 roses in significant parks and gardens throughout Scotland to mark Sri Chinmoy's 40 years of dedicated service.


Sri Chinmoy Rose outside Edinburgh Sri Chinmoy Centre.

Sri Chinmoy has declared, "The significance of the rose in the inner world is most important.  The rose, like other flowers, has fragrance and beauty, but it also has something special, unique.  There are very few flowers in God's creation that please God most.  The rose is one of those."

We are in a position to offer the Sri Chinmoy Rose as a rose bush or as a rose root which can be planted in your garden.


Picture Bottom: Pavitrata Taylor