London Sri Chinmoy Centre

The London Sri Chinmoy Centre was established in 1970.

Currently there are about 50 members of the London Sri Chinmoy Centre who meet every week for group meditation.

In addition to practising meditation and following a spiritual life members of the London Sri Chinmoy Centre take part in various activities.

Meditation Classes

Meditation Classes are held in different parts of London throughout the year. For information on our free meditation courses please contact one of our enterprises listed above or contact us.

Devashishu Torpy has been giving meditation classes in London for several years.
View: Devashishu's short account of giving classes


Enterprises by Members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre

Run and Become
Specialist running shop for all your running needs and inspiration.

Activities - Running

The Sri Chinmoy Athletics Club promotes various running races from 2 miles to the 24 hour race.

The Self Transcendence races are held at:
Battersea Park Pavillion, Battersea Park, London
For more details, see Sri Chinmoy Races - UK

Photo Credit: Pavitrata Taylor
Pavitrata Taylor is a member of the London Sri Chinmoy Centre and is an aspiring photographer.