Free Meditation Classes - Cardiff

"Concentration is awareness.
Meditation is vastness.
Contemplation is oneness"

  Sri Chinmoy

Our introductory meditation courses generally run for five sessions, once a week for five weeks. We try to make the course as suitable as possible for both beginners to meditation and those with previous practical experience.

Each class will typically consist of a range of techniques for concentration and meditation, with a short talk on the background philosophy of meditation, all drawn from Sri Chinmoy's own writings and teachings. Each class builds on the previous one, and so maximum benefit will be gained by attending all five sessions wherever possible. Continuing courses are available for those who have completed an introductory course.


Our particular path of meditation is based upon concentration on and meditation within the spiritual heart.  Techniques covered in the course include: developing an awareness of the spiritual heart; concentration on a candle or flower; focusing on the breath, and its use to bring positive spiritual qualities to the fore; visualisation; mantra; and the use of music for meditation.

Course tutors are all students of Sri Chinmoy who have been practicing meditation for several years, both at home as part and parcel of our everyday lives, and also, at times, for extended periods with our teacher Sri Chinmoy.

Establishing meditation as an integral part of daily life can be a challenge in today's world of frenetic activity.  The Sri Chinmoy Centre offers its courses in meditation for a modern lifestyle, with practical tips and guidance on establishing your own regular practice, and assimilating and applying the fruits of meditation within a 21st-century western life.

The fruits of meditation are humanity's birthright, and, in keeping with this ideal and at Sri Chinmoy's own request, all Sri Chinmoy Centre classes are given free of charge.

If you are interested in free meditation classes or concerts in Cardiff, please contact us.