Writings of Sri Chinmoy

With his soulful writings, Sri Chinmoy is trying to inspire mankind.

Sri Chinmoy employs many forms of the written and spoken word, including poetry, essays, lectures, aphorisms, questions and answers, stories and plays. This variety of forms is matched by his range of subjects, from humourous tales of village life and plays on the lives of spiritual figures, to lectures on the philosophy of yoga and poetry of mystic rapture.sri_chinmoy_70s

Poetry has always been Sri Chinmoy's first choice, as a natural medium for expressing mystical experience. His poems express a broad range of spiritual emotion, from the doubts and fears of the wavering pilgrim to the blissful realisations of the illumined master.

Sri Chinmoy has lectured on spiritual topics at hundreds of universities around the world, including Oxford, Cambridge, the Sorbonne, Harvard and Yale.

Through his writings and lectures, Sri Chinmoy shares in simple, clear language insights on the nature of the spiritual life and the aspirant's relationship with God. He has answered thousands of questions on spirituality from seekers travelling along the road of personal illumination and transformation.