30th Anniversary Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile

Recently, the Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile in Oxford celebrated it's 30th Anniversary. The Peace Mile was inaugurated by Sri Chinmoy and the Mayor of Oxford back in May 1987. It serves as both an inspiring course for runners and a symbol of a more peaceful world. Sri Chinmoy considered himself a 'Student of Peace' and felt that running and the cause of inner peace had a complementary nature.

Sri Chinmoy at the opening of the Peace Mile with Bill Fogg, Mayor of Oxford

Peace Mile

Runners in the Anniversary Race organised by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.

Peace Mile

The Peace Mile was one of many Peace Miles located around the world. THe first Peace Mile was dedicated at Battersea in London in 1986. The Peace Miles are part of an initiative called "Sri Chinmoy Peace-Blossoms" - places and areas of significance that have been dedicated to the cause of peace.

O dreamers of peace, come.
Let us walk together.
O lovers of peace, come.
Let us run together.
O servers of peace, come.
Let us grow together.

- Sri Chinmoy


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