In the UK, we have three Run and Become stores based in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff. Run and Become is an independent chain of running shops founded in 1982 by Ongkar Smith, who took the advice of Sri Chinmoy to open a store - at a time when runners were rarely catered for.  (See article by Ongkar on How Run and Become started)

Sri Chinmoy with Don Ritchie and Ongkar Smith at the opening of Run and Become.

Over the past 35 years, Run and Become has sought to serve and inspire the running community through offering personalised customer service and supporting a range of running races in the nations' capitals.

Shankara and Dipika Smith who manage the stores.


“Running means continual transcendence, and that is also the message of our inner life.”

– Sri Chinmoy1

Sri Chinmoy was a keen runner who encouraged physical fitness as a means to a balanced, integral lifestyle. Run and Become Stores seek to provide runners with the opportunity to reach their potential in running.

The Run and Become stores also promote many running races in Edinburgh and London - including the Edinburgh 100km and London 24 hour race.

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Foot soldiers of the soul – 29 October 2000. ‘Meditation and marathons run in perfect harmony in the world of Tony Smith‘ By Julie Welch  “At 4.15 on Tuesday afternoon the Indian peace advocate and guru Sri Chinmoy will appear at the House of Commons at the invitation of MPs Jenny Tonge and Piara Khabra, and Baroness Flather. He will share his vision of world peace and he may play his flute. So far, so run of the mill as far as visiting gurus go. However, where Sri Chinmoy differs from your average mystic is that he also happens to be a hero of the running community.”

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