Oneness-Dream tour the Czech Republic

Recently Oneness-Dream, an international group of male acapella singers, visited the Czech Republic where they performed the songs of Sri Chinmoy at various sacred sites. They have been touring different countries with acapella performances since 2011, allowing the purity, simplicity and soulfulness of Sri Chinmoy's songs to touch the heart of the audience.

(Sample song from a concert in Croatia, 2015)

The singers came from England, Scotland, Australia, Germany, Serbia, Holland, France and of course the Czech Republic. 

Oneness-Dream at Basilica Hostyn in Moravia, Czech Republic. An important pilgrimage site.


Oneness-Dream and organisers from the Czech Republic Sri Chinmoy Centres
humbrecht castle
Oneness-Dream outside Humbrecht Castle

Oneness-Dream were founded in 2011 and have recorded four albums. The singers are drawn from different Sri Chinmoy Centres around the world.

Sri Chinmoy composed over 22,000 songs - expressing a range of spiritual emotions and devotional sentiments.

“Soulful music is the music that wants to eventually transform our consciousness. It carries us into the Universal Consciousness and makes us feel that we are in tune with the highest, with the deepest, with the farthest.”

– Sri Chinmoy1

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