Divine Enterprises

"Divine Enterprise" is the term used by Sri Chinmoy for a business endorsed by him, and run by his students.

A Divine Enterprise allows the workers to work in an uplifting environment which enhances their spiritual growth and encourages a high level of dedicated service to its customers.

UK Enterprises


London Run and Become

Established 1982



Edinburgh Run and Become

Serving Scotland's runners.

 Run and Become

Cardiff Run and Become

Running shop in the heart of Cardiff, Wales by the Millenium Stadium


Service Heart Joy

Cafe in Wimbledon, London



Service plays a very significant role in Sri Chinmoy’s life, and in the lives of his students. In Sri Chinmoy’s own words:

“Work cheerfully, soulfully
And devotedly
With a spirit of oneness.
That is true spiritual service.”

Of course, Sri Chinmoy’s students work in a very wide variety of fields; by no means all of them serve full-time in a Divine Enterprise.

Wherever your Lord Supreme
Asks you to work,
That particular place
Should be Heaven to you.

In the UK we have a number of Divine Enterprises some of which are shown in this section: